A Ridiculous Interlude

Oh, internets

February 19th, 2012
So I've got an account on OkCupid, in which I list myself as male, but under Most personal thing I'm willing to admit I say, "I'm an FTM transsexual. So if you're cruising for a well-hung top, then just keep moving, cuz these are not the droids you're looking for." It seems to work pretty well as a filter, including catching the eye of a few outliers for whom that makes me more interesting rather than less.

Anyway, I came home around midnight and checked my email, to find an OkCupid message from a bisexual 18-year-old music student. In essence: "Want to hook up? :D"

"Sure," I wrote back, because I aspire to be easy.

A minute later a chat window pops up. In essence: "Want to hook up RITE NAO?? :D :D"

Haha, yeah right, kid. It's midnight and I just got home from an S&M party, not going out again. So we chatted for a bit, and then came this gem...

Him: so how big are u?
Me: big as in...?
Him: lol how big is ur dick
Me: .....about an inch.
Me: Did you miss the part where I'm a trannie?
Him: wut


Him: i think i would have remembered that

I'm sure if you'd read my profile, you would have.


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